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Echols Scholars Program

What you can do as an Echols Scholar

The Echols Scholars Program is predicated upon the Jeffersonian ideal of freedom of inquiry and the development of critical thought.

It offers special opportunities to those undergraduates in the College of Arts & Sciences who are its most avid learners.

Aspiring Medical Doctor and Actor

“While in med school, I plan on continuing to share my artistic talents at professional theaters and on Television. It is my quest to use my craft to inspire and heal others.”

Read more about Jean-Mary Aubourg

Opportunities Abound

"With the Echols program I was able to pursue all of my intellectual interests, without the general educational restrictions."

Read more about Joe Borja

Engaging at U.Va. and the Community

"I am excited to work with the entire UVA community to improve the academics around grounds."

Read more about Robert Tyler Crown

Bridging Cultures in Medicine

"My long-term goal is to become a doctor serving a community...bridging cultures to alleviate the fear and isolation patients may feel when seeking care in a foreign environment."

Read more about Christa Doerwaldt

Visit to Brazil Turns to Thesis

"I thought critically about my surroundings and my interactions in various environments, while also negotiating my own identity as a dark-skinned African-American woman."

Read more about Wintre Foxworth

Evolution of Language

"Some of my favorite childhood memories are learning different languages with my father, or tackling the literature/language quizzes he would sneak into my lunchbox."

Read more about Jesse Hrebinka

Early Graduate

"Having matriculated with two years' worth of AP credits, the Echols program gave me the opportunity to immediately pursue my academic interests."

Read more about Allen Kha

A Liaison Between Cultures

"My background has fostered in me a desire to explore and experience an array of different cultures."

Read more about Milagros Mellenkamp

A Passion for Politics

"My goal is to one day become a staffer on the Hill to draft effective policies that alleviate social and economic inequality."

Read more about Edward Smith

Serving the U.Va. International Community

"I believe that U.Va. is top-caliber university that deserves the best students around the world, and that its status as the Public Ivy should not be a financial deterrent to the admitted international students."

Read more about Bin Xie

Benefits of the Echols Scholars Program

Congratulations Class of 2019 on your choice to attend the University of Virginia and to be part of the Echols Scholars Program!

We are delighted that you will be joining us this fall and look forward to you joining our living and learning community of scholars. Your decision to become a Virginia Cavalier will be one of the greatest choices of your life.

We look forward to seeing you at Summer Orientation and to working with you as you begin your academic journey at the University. Please check back over the next several weeks for information regarding the Echols Council sponsored student-to-student mentoring program for incoming first year Echols Scholars.


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