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Academic Success Resources


Association Deans and Faculty Advisors

Students should contact their Association Dean for assistance. For more information about Association Deans, faculty advisors, and other sources of academic help, see Sources of Academic Help and Advice.

Study Skills and Time Management


Students who are concerned about their study skills and their ability to manage their time effectively may be interested in the classes below. These classes address topics such as time management, methods for taking notes, test preparation, and other study-related skills and habits.
These courses are:
ELA 1559 is a 2-credit course taught in spring semester. It is intended primarily for first-year students in their second semester, though second year students may also be able to enroll. The goal of this course is to provide timely and useful information to students in the early stages of their college careers.  The course covers a combination of academic success strategies, life skills, and leadership development, and offers students tools for improving the quality of their academic and extracurricular experiences while in college.
ELA 2910 Academic Skills and Realities is a course that assists students attain their academic goals at the University of Virginia.  The class addresses strategies for dealing with lengthy and complex readings, the analytical and evaluative skills of scholarship, time and stress management techniques, and individually targeted strategies for academic achievement. This course is taught during the January term. It is a 3-credit course ideal for students who are seeking to improve their academic skills.  
ELA 2559 Strategies for Academic Achievement is a 3-credit course which requires the instructor’s permission to enroll. Interested students should contact the instructor, Kathryn Densberger, directly at kad7k@virginia.edu.
Additional courses like those above are being developed. Watch for these courses on SIS. They will be listed as ELA (Engaging the Liberal Arts) courses.


Students may contact Ms. Kathryn Densberger at 434-243-4310 or kad7k@virginia.edu for a meeting to discuss concerns about and ways to improve their study skills. 
CAPS also occasionally offers a multi-session Academic Skills Workshop. You can view their current offerings here on their website.


Students should contact their instructors, teaching assistants, or academic departments for information regarding possible review sessions or tutoring services. Many departments maintain lists of available private tutors.
The Math Department offers free tutoring in Clemons library. Learn more about their availability at the Math Tutoring Center website.
The Writing Center, operated by the English Department, offers free assistance with written assignments. You can make an appointment online to meet with a tutor through the Writing Center website.
There are many additional Academic and Advising Resources.